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In the past the Cooper name was synonymous with Ice Hockey equipment, with the most popular product being the Cooper Ice Hockey Helmet. Many versions of Cooper Ice Hockey helmets have been produced but one helmet stands out in the game of hurling for 60 years.

The Cooper SK 100 Helmet stumbled upon the Hurling world in the 1960’s and to this day is seen as the market leader by hurlers all over Ireland. Many people have their views as to why the helmet is so popular but all would agree that the comfort of the helmet is one reason it has lasted the test of time. We refer to this as ‘The Perfect Fit’ – every head is a different shape and size, therefore to get a perfect fit you must have an adjustable helmet, the Cooper SK 100 has 9 different adjusting positions and that’s only the junior helmet, the adult helmet will have a further 9 different adjusting positions, this makes the Cooper hurling helmet the most versatile and best fitting helmet on the market, an absolute necessity when choosing any protective item.

Today the game of Hurling is a far safer game than in years gone by with all players now wearing Helmets with Faceguards. We at Cooper are very conscious of the safety aspect and strive to produce a hurling helmet that is safer, lighter and more comfortable for all players. The SK 100 helmets have been subject to an EC Type-examination in accordance with Article 10 of the PPE Directive (89/686/EEC) and has been shown to satisfy the relevant provisions of this Directive. The SK100 helmet has been certified under Certificate No. 3201 (Issue 1) on May 9th 2007.

The Cooper SK 100 now comes with:

  • Added foam padding
  • Reinforced faceguard
  • Comfort fit chin piece
  • Double buckle closure clips on both sides of the helmet.

These added features have made the SK 100 Stronger, Lighter and Safer for all age groups.



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